Become a Contractor

Do you have an interest in becoming a contractor?

There’s a great need for contractors these days, and many established contractors are aging out of the industry.
We have a real passion for helping contractors who are just getting started.

Why consider contracting

Working in the trades is incredibly rewarding, in many different ways, including:
  1. Flexibility. As a contractor, many times you’re in charge of your own schedule and can work the hours you want and need.
  2. Be your own boss. Contract work gives you independence and control over your work, as well as job security.
  3. Work/life balance. When you’re in charge of your own schedule, your time is your own. Many contractors can work from home, commute less, and attend fewer meetings than a traditional full-time job.
  4. Earn good money. As a contractor, your skills are often in high demand. When there’s a greater demand for your skill set, your income will grow proportionally.

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